Before you shop, Some Helpful Hints and Resources...

Use this grading chart created by FFSSA to help you decide what grade of our wool or yarn to purchase.  We lab-test every Shetland sheep shorn on our farm annually before shearing to grade their wool accurately and assure quality of the wool.  Click on this link for the grading chart and uses for each FFSSA grade of wool. FFSSA bases grades on lab test results but they also consulted Oliver Henry, famous wool grader for Jameson Co. on the Shetland Islands and compared graded wool samples by FFSSA’s system and by Oliver Henry while devising their grading system. Senior Members of FFSSA like us go through a credentials process and must qualify to use the Traditional 1927® US patented Collective Mark  on their wool and wool products.  Here is the link to FFSSA’s grading chart:

This Logo appears on all our wool and wool products that are FFSSA Grades P1, 1, P2, 2, P3, and 3. The lower the Grade number, the finer the wool. "P" denotes "Premium" meaning the wool is exceptionally uniform in character and will have expectional handle as a result.

Our current product list file linked at the end of this paragraph summarizes what we potentially have available.  Please call us at 715-322-4011 if you are interested in something like batts or knitted and felted products that we haven’t posted in the website store yet.  Our products made from wool can also be purchased locally at Toadhouse Gallery, Ladysmith, WI, Fine Arts Center, Ladysmith, WI, and Maple Hill Farm Store, Ladysmith, WI.  Click on this link to view our product list.

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