Why not a lamb roast at the end of July?

People sometimes ask us, "Why not add lamb to the pig roast for Glen Flora Days the last weekend in July?" The main reason is, they are still too young, too small to make enough carcass weight to compensate for the cost of slaughtering, and too young to evaluate for slaughter. Although we are potentially able to slaughter them ourselves, we have no time, limited cooling space this time of year, and we are too busy organizing and working for our community event, Glen Flora Days. We need to keep lambs longer--6 months to a year to properly evaluate potential…

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Sale at Salem Glen Winery in Rochester, MN June 9, 2019

Our booth at Salem Glen Winery, Rochester, MN, beautiful venue, & we were allowed to taste wine and visit afterwards... I sold yarns, rovings, and dryer balls made of our Traditional 1927(R) fine, single-coated Shetland wool. Weather was perfect for our sale Saturday, June 9, 11 am to 5 pm,  at Salem Glen Winery in Rochester, MN.  I had an assortment of  fiber, yarns, and handmade items in natural Shetland colors from our fine fleeced Shetland Traditional 1927 (R) Flock.  Three Rivers Fibershed Vendors had some lovely and inspiring naturally dyed fibers, baskets, and yarns to offer.  I learned some…

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Johne’s Disease Test Results

We just slearned from our Vet today that UW Vet Diagnostic Lab have completed Johne's Disease testing on our flock with the most advanced and accurate Direct PCR tests and our entire flock from age 1 on up is negative for Johne's Disease. They were negative for both Johne's and OPP a year ago as well. See spring issue of Sheep! magazine for a reader-contributed article I wrote in cooperation with our local vet and one of our state experts on Johne's Disease Testing recent advances in testing for Johne's Disease.  

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Lambs, Round 4, April 17-April 22

S"more Arabesque (x UTS Mancera) went into active Labor about 3 pm Easter Sunday. About 9:15 pm she gave birth to a black ewe lamb (named Biscotti) who carries spotting, and by 10 pm she had two lovely ewe lambs--the second one (named Brioche) is black with white spotting on head, socks, and tail. .. GT Talitha (x GT Lancelot) gave birth to triplets the following morning, April 22. First born is a large Agouti gray ewe whom we named "Fritatta"; 2nd born was a very small white ilget ewe (only 2.7 pounds) whom we are calling Mini-muffin, AKA "Minna"…

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Our 2019 Lambing Season Has Begun!

Our 2019 Lambing Season Has Begun!

Moorit ewe lamb named Patacone, single, born to GT Malkyn, who is turning 2 years old soon and is the most petite of our dual registered (NASSA/FFSSA) musket ewes. WP Leego, our 2 yr old moorit ram, is the proud sire. Malkyn is mothering up splendidly to her pretty little girl, who weighed 5.8 pounds once dried off.  Brunch is our naming theme.  My friend Louise Young earned the right to name Patacone.  A Patacone is a golden brown, football-shaped fried Plantain served at Panamanian brunches.  Louise and I have both spent significant time in Panama, but we were there…

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