All sheep and lambs for sale are listed on Spring, 2019 sales list, with prices.  We will update and re-link the sales list periodically. 

GT Leda, spring, 2019, full fleece
GT Gamgee (left) and GT Bilbo (right), May 2019 in full fleece
GT Gamgee, side view in full fleece, age 1, May,2019. Gamgee is from a less common British AI ram line and would add genetic diversity to most flocks
GT Gamgee's midside fleece
GT Bilbo has a very fine black fleece
Bilbo, rear view
Lo'rien's parted fleece, midside
GT Lo'rien. great body structure, disposition, and fleece
GT Galadriel, Ewe Lamb: fiber pet
GT Yavanna, Yearling Ewe as Lamb
GT Gussalyn, proven ewe, age 2
Gussalyn, proven ewe as yearling
GT Malkyn, Proven Ewe, age 2
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