All sheep and lambs for sale are listed on Fall, 2018 sales list, with prices.  We will update and re-link the sales list periodically.  Photos above and below are in order of lambs and sheep listed

GT Yavanna, Ewe Lamb
GT Galadriel, Ewe Lamb
GT Thorian Fully Horned, Ram Lamb SOLD
GT Beren, front with tail facing, half poll ram lamb SOLD
GT Lo'rien, Horned Ram Lamb
GT Malkyn, Yearling Ewe
GT Gussalyn, yearling ewe
GT Thea, Yearling Ewe SOLD
GT Ceres. 3 yr. old Ewe SOLD
Gussalyn, yearling ewe
GT Celeborn, Center white ram with biggest horns SOLD
GT Legolas, horned white triplet ram SOLD
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