GT Flapjack, horned Ag Gray ram lamb, UTS Mancera x GT Mirabelle,$350
GT Lefse, right and GT Flapjack, left
GT Lefse, UTS Mancera x GT Gussalyn, $350.
GT Yavanna, Yearling Ewe as Lamb, $350 bred to GT Gamgee for April/Ma 2020 birth. Avalilable once 2020 lambs are weaned.
GT Gussalyn, proven ewe as yearling, retained both of her high quality lambs (GT Lefse Pictured with Sue Russo Trophy award on this page)$350--show quality lambs in 2019, available once 2020 twin lambs weaned in mid July.
GT Malkyn, Sept. 7, 2019, 1st Place Dam and Daughter, Daughter First Place Ewe Lamb, MSSBA Show, 2019, $350.Available mid-July once 2020 lambs are weaned.
UTS Mancera, for sale
UTS Mancera, black, fully horned, turns 3 yrs. old March 25, 2020. Very High Quality, dual registered,Grand Champ fleeces for himself and a son, FFSSA show, Ames, IA 2018 (him) and 2019 (son), Reserve Champ Ram, 2018, same show. Easy keeper, kind disposition, good horns, sires high quality lambs, fully horned, dual registered ram., OPP/Johnes' negative. NO LONGER FOR SALE, we have decided to keep him as our Peace Keeper Ram. Still have a few ewes we can breed him to.
UTS Mancera at age 2, not for sale. Sire of Lefse and Flapjack.
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