14 Lambs in 2020, 8 Rams, 6 Ewes

GT Dijon,  S'More Arabesque X GT Gamgee, Single Fawn AbAa , horned Fawn Katmoget ram, DOB 4/13/2020, well-built; we estimate he will have fine fleece. Adult colors and pattern will be similar to photo.  Available post-weaning, possibly by early August 2020. GT Tahini, GT Gussalyn X GT Gamgee, Twin Ag Aa Musket ewe, DOB 4/13/2020, well built, we estimate she will have soft, fine fleece.  Adult fleece color will be creamy white-to light grayish brown like oatmeal, and she will retain her milk chocolate head, belly, legs. Alfredo, horned ram, breeding quality if horns work out, fleece wether if not…

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